Package Receiving in Port Huron, Michigan

Canada ships to border
“We help Canadians save thousands of dollars when shopping online by providing you with a US Shipping Address in Port Huron, Michigan”
ship to the US border

London and Sarnia area shoppers have one more option when it comes to buying products online.  Bay Brokerage has teamed up with Kinek to offer you a US Shipping address just across the border in Port Huron.  Now you can shop from any American retailer and have the items shipped to you US Address where we will take care of it until you can come and pick it up.  Enjoy the benefits of package receiving in Port Huron the next time you need new tires, are looking for the latest styles or want a great price on the hottest electronics.

Why Ship to Port Huron?

So what are the benefits to having a US Shipping Address?  As anyone who frequently shops online knows that not only is the selection available in the United States much greater than that which is available in Canada, but the prices on the products are also unbeatable.   The problem is many online retailers will not ship to Canada, and those that do often charge huge international shipping and brokerage fees (even though they might ship anywhere in the US for free).  By shipping your online purchases to Port Huron you can take advantage of all the great deals that may typically only be available to American consumers all while avoiding unnecessary fees that can easily total the cost of your item to begin with. Bay Brokerage is open 6 days a week to ensure that you have plenty of opportunity to pick up your package and prices start at just $5 for any package under 10lbs.

About Kinek

The Kinek network offers a professional and secure package receiving service at nearly every major border crossing from coast to coast.  With the great deals available south of the border you can save hundreds (even thousands) of dollars by shipping to a border KinekPoint.  And all you will ever be charged for this service is a per-package pick-up fee.  If you think you could benefit from a US Shipping Address you can sign up for a free account at

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